What is Multichannel?

Multi Channel is the bringing together of several sales channel's into one, easy to handle and simple interface to control your stores and sales outlets.
An example is you may have your own store, be selling on Amazon and Ebay or may have a physical store with a POS system, with multichannel you can have all your orders in one place and your stock is controlled from one central database that ensures that all the different channels are reading the same data, meaning if you had an online sale and have just sold the item through your shop, you are not going to waste your time apologising for running out of stock.


Get ahead of your customers and streamline your store, save time, money and a whole lot of headaches.

Pure Web Design can integrate your online store with just about any channel, we work hard to keep your data together and to make life as easy as possible for you, our development team will try and sync everything as seamlessly as possible, ensuring you have just one place to control all of your data, sales and communications.
We effectively build you a bespoke system which as well as amalgamating everything in one place, reduces log ins and access to several different sales outlets.


Our developers can add whatever reports you require, as a custom web development company we can work to your exact requirements, we dont use pre-made scripts or outsource our work, by informing us of your requirements we build a bespoke solution for your needs.
As well as financial and sales reporting, we can break it down to individual channel reports and performance as well as integrating with accounts programs and financial reports.
Let us know what you require and our eager beavers will set to work building it from scratch.



One log in to control everything, no logging into to several different sales outlets.


Our developments are custom tailored to suit your exact needs, from sales channels to Accounting and fulfillment.

Save Money

Once built to your requirements, you can concentrate on growing your business without worrying about cross referencing and analysing data, we build so the computer does the work for you.


We always use the latest API's and development availability to futureproof your store.


We can automate a lot of menial jobs and reduce user input as well as staff management

White Label

All our work is bespoke and as such we can white label to your requirements, please note you cannot resell our work.