Broken Website?

A broken website can become a major problem for any company whether trading online with a store or just losing your internet presence, we have a 24/7 hotline for emergency and urgent repairs, should you encounter a problem with your website any time of the day and night, our highly skilled developers and programmers can repair and patch up your website with the minimal of fuss, ensuring you are back up and running as quick as possible, reducing lost sales, as well as internet search positions and lost advertising costs.
Our team have a vast experience with all major portals and software providers as well as knowledge of servers, domains and email.
With a fixed price and a superfast service covering emergencies and urgent requests we can have you up and running in no time at all, contact us today for a quote.

Domain and Hosting problems?

As well as website repairs we can also fix most hosting, server and domain problems.

Pure Web Design has 20 years experience in domain name brokerage, set up and configuration, whether you've lost a few emails or the website is completely down, we can help you get back up and running in the quickest possible time, we can also help with server configurations, ssl installations and server glitches to have your website up and running at full capacity with the minimum of fuss and time.


Our developers can repair hacked and infiltrated websites, we can trace the problem and 99% of the time can get you back up and running in no time at all, removing any offensive or dangerous files from your website or server.

Repair Services

Broken Website

Call our team, for a no fuss assessment of the problem, we will get you back up to speed in no time at all..


Our developments can remove hacked code as well as put into place additional security measures to prevent future online attacks that can cost your business money.

Server Down

Give us a call 24/7 and we can take a look and get you back up and running, problems with your server? no probs, we have our own servers too use until your set up is back up and running.

SSL Expired

Call us to get your website back up and running with a valid security certificate, no more lost sales due to annoying security alerts for your customers.

Lost Search Position

Give us a ring, we can work a strategy to get you back in the search results where you dream to be.

Domain Broken

Contact us to configure, resurrect, obtain, program and set up your domain name or website.

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